Phone Today Change Log

Changes in Version 1.0.5

  • Initialization code reworked to work around infrequent issue of device not starting when SD card is installed
  • Additional MAPI memory leak fixed

Changes in Version 1.0 RC2

  • Install dll gives setup tips after install
  • Retrieval of sms apps based on localized "Start Menu" path, crawls whole directory structure
  • Make sure we don't do a SetEvent on ProbeHandle when ProbeHandle has been closed (PPCPE)
  • Use radio events to turn on and off polling of radio statistics (verified MS TAPI calls can take upwards of 30 seconds to complete in low signal conditions) (PPCPE)
  • Fix bug where zero messages in inbox causes SMS count to always be zero (PPCPE)
  • Current settings saved to file on each refresh (Non PPCPE)

Changes in Version 1.0 RC1

  • Call Log 1.03 with new format and fix for missing "+" with Ericsson phones
  • Support for Muting of calls (Pocket PC Phone Edition)
  • Support for display of SMS message count on SIM (Pocket PC Phone Edition)
  • Support for launch of Speed Dial Application (Pocket PC Phone Edition)
  • Workaround suspected MAPI memory leak.

Changes in Call Log 1.01

  • Fix problem with iPaq &T39m/T68i where lack of missed calls can cause Call Log to hang.

Changes from 0.99.1 to 0.99.2

  • Setup Wizard included
  • Support for Siemens S55
  • For XDA, Phone Today is now more tolerant of invalid Line devices
  • For non-XDA use, includes Call Log application:

    Call log notes:
    • The option to launch the Call Log will only be displayed if Phone Today determines that your phone supports call logging
    • Call log entries cannot be deleted from the Pocket PC (this is a limitation of the AT+C command set)
    • Date and time of calls is not supported by all phones (Ericsson is supported, Nokia and Siemens are not)
    • You must have "call display" enabled on your cellular account in order for calls to be logged
    • If you are using a Bluetooth headset, you must be familiar with the process on your headset that lets you transfer a call from the phone to the headset 

Changes from 0.98.9 to 0.99.1

  • Ability to launch Call Log (XDA)
  • For non-XDA use, last status of phone is cached between resets of Phone Today
  • Add SER0: and SER1: ports for Pocket Loox
  • Allow for Bluetooth serial driver return of "unsupported" for certain serial function calls
  • Fix XDA bug (introduced with new T-Mobile update) where an empty operator name is returned even though the XDA claims it is valid
  • Nokia - Must do CMGL test for new messages after missed call lookup otherwise phonebook call
    gives wrong data (SM)

Changes from 0.98.8 to 0.98.9

  • For XDA/MDA, missed calls count reflects the last time Call Log application has been visited 

Changes from 0.98.7 to 0.98.8

  • Fix problem where proper missed call count may not be displayed on XDA/MDA

Changes from 0.98.6 to 0.98.7

  • Display missed call count (XDA/MDA & popular mobiles)
  • Fix use of & in operator name (XDA/MDA)
  • Fix display of GPRS when there is no signal (XDA/MDA)
  • Fix lack of battery display when O/S reports battery status unknown (XDA/MDA)
  • More tolerance of sporadic Bluetooth connections

Changes from 0.98.5 to 0.98.6

  • Bluetooth fixes & workarounds
  • Added "Connect" option to menu (see documentation)
  • Fix refresh problem where Phone Today section of Today screen is blank
  • Fix colorization of refresh icon
  • Preliminary support for Compaq Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS (see documentation)
  • Display friendly connection names in COM port settings for easier determination of proper port

Changes from 0.98.4 to 0.98.5

  • Support for XDA/MDA
  • Support for playing of sound on new SMS message
  • Option to disable Phone Today when SMS app is launched
  • Fix launch of SMS apps which are shortcuts
  • Add icon which is displayed when Phone Today is refreshing
  • Added Manual Refresh support
  • Device battery status is displayed when Sierra Aircard is used

Changes from 0.98.3 to 0.98.4

  • Improved notification support (see documentation)
  • Added more operator number to name mappings

Changes from 0.98.2 to 0.98.3

  • Support for Nokia 6310i
  • Reworked Settings to show multiple tabs
  • Balloon message notifications for signal lost/acquired, GPRS lost/acquired and new SMS message (see screenshot below)
  • Fix detection of no-network conditions

Changes from 0.98.1 to 0.98.2

  • Introduced an option to make the Phone Today connection persistent (keeps connection to phone) and non-persistent (only makes connection to phone when required) Thanks to Socket Communications for help in this.  Note to iPaq 3870/3970 users - it is still be necessary to disable Phone Today when making a GPRS connection or using other programs which make use of BT COM ports.
  • Added operator numeric code to name mapping
  • Fixed threading issue
  • Removed expiry

Changes from 0.98 to 0.98.1

  • Fix hang problem when attempting to enter Settings on a non-English iPaq

Changes from 0.97 to 0.98

  • Settings are accessible from the Phone Today pull-down menu
  • Status icons are colorized based on theme (no need to select black or white icons)
  • Fixes for iPaq 3970 support
  • Settings are persistent (e.g. refresh disabled) between device resets.

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